You. Better than ever.

Our collaborative care method is not just about reducing your pain. It’s about your complete recovery and improved performance. That’s the power of integrated care. That’s the LifeClinic difference. That’s you. Better than ever.

Step 1

Examine & Assess

The first step is a thorough examination that not only answers our questions, but also yours. We’ll record your health history, map your movements and analyze your posture.

Step 2

Diagnose & Prescribe

Our team meets to review the results of your exam and develop a mobility, stability and strength care plan. Then we show you how it can optimize your recovery and improve performance.

Step 3


Your recovery features adjustments, physical therapy and, when needed, Integrated Muscle and Joint Therapy as well as work with a personal trainer.

LA woman receiving chiropractic care

Payment & Insurance

We offer competitive time-of-service pricing and accept many major insurance plans. At your request, we can check your insurance contribution in advance of any treatments. Up to two hours of complimentary child care comes with each of your appointments.

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Complimentary Assessment

Find out how we can help you recover from injury and reach your workout goals with a complimentary Posture Screen and Functional Movement Assessment.