Group Fitness

Every day is an opportunity.

Add variety to really boost results. From boutique-style classes to competitive training, you get to choose your challenge. 

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Try an amazing workout disguised as fun. Choose from hundreds of classes each week led by the best Fitness Professionals in the business to push your limits and actually enjoy doing it.

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Mind off. Balance on. From gentle-flowing postures to sculpting athletic cardio, you’ll find classes to challenge your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.

an indoor cycle fitness class in session

Indoor Cycle

Bring on the calorie-burning cardio blast! Just hop on one of our high-tech bikes, crank up the tunes and set your pace. You’ll be swept up in the music as you chase the beat.

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TEAM Training

Progression. Variety. Results. That’s TEAM Training. A certified trainer leads each of our four results-driven programs. Your teammates are there to inspire, encourage and make the work fun.

Try Group Fitness

Getting started is easy. Choosing which class is the hard part. Pick from hundreds of exciting formats, then learn what to wear, what to bring and how to best prepare to start your health or fitness journey.