Private Training

Built with Core 3 science and delivered with passion, our certified Personal Training professionals will develop a personalized training program that fits your body, lifestyle and budget.

Partner Training

Bring a friend and get 2-on-1 time with a Personal Trainer. They’ll get to know you both while teaming you up for highly effective workouts customized to meet your individual goals. 

Small Group Training

Push yourself further with a little friendly competition. Led by a Personal Trainer, you’ll work hard to keep up with your team, increasing your strength, endurance and success. 


TEAM Weight Loss

Kick into high gear with a group of soon-to-be friends. You’ll meet three times each week together with a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer for workouts, advice, high fives and rockin’ results.

TEAM Fitness

Combine fitness and friendship to achieve better health. With strength and cardio at its core, TEAM Fitness is ideal for newer training fans and TEAM Weight Loss grads.

TEAM Bootcamp

The hardest fun you’ll have all week. A fast-paced cardio, body weight and resistance training program that will whip you into fighting shape. No excuses. Just results.


The Life Time Ultimate Workout

Get cardio, strength and balance all in the same workout. This focused class combines work and play to change the way you look at exercise and how your body responds to specialized training.

Alpha Training

Unleash your inner beast with our most intense group-training program. Constantly evolving and extreme, it’s the ultimate in functional fitness with tire flips, battle ropes and Olympic lifting.

Mixed Martial Arts

Release the warrior within. You’ll build confidence and mental toughness with conditioning and training skills based on principles of the world’s most exciting martial arts.


Learn to utilize and strengthen your powerhouse: deep abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back. This one-hour class combines the precise movements of Pilates with traditional fitness elements.

Nutrition Coaching

Did you know 80% of results come from nutrition? Meet with a Registered Dietitian and get nutrition advice, supplement guides, recipes & more to set healthier food habits.


There’s nothing like a clean slate to kick off your weight loss efforts. Our two-week detoxification program uses supplements to cleanse your body and real, whole food to nourish you.

Metabolic Coaching

Your metabolic rate is unique to you and critical to your success. Work 1-on-1 with a Fitness Professional to work with your unique metabolism rate and burn as much stored fat as possible.