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Moving Forward

Fitness is about more than strength and agility. It’s about vitality, looking and feeling your best and having confidence. Discover new ways to get moving, improve flexibility, develop lean muscle mass and create a healthier body.


TEAM Weight Loss

Kick into high gear with a group of soon-to-be friends. You’ll meet three times each week together with a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer for workouts, advice, high fives and rockin’ results.

TEAM Fitness

Combine fitness and friendship to achieve better health. With strength and cardio at its core, TEAM Fitness is ideal for newer training fans and TEAM Weight Loss grads.

Alpha Training

Unleash your inner beast with our most intense group training program. Constantly evolving and extreme, it’s the ultimate in functional fitness with tire flips, battle ropes and Olympic lifting.

Small Group Training

Save up to 40% off the cost of private training when you try small group training. Choose from sessions focused on improving overall health and fitness, weight loss or training for a specific event. Or grab a group of friends to share the cost and the benefits, then schedule a time that works best for you. 

2–6 People


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